Building Hope

In the fall of 2014 Chayah Ministries was blessed to be able to purchase 7 acres of land in the greater Jinja area of Uganda. For some time it had been the dream of the US board and the Ugandan director to have a greater space of land on which to grow crops, raise animals, and teach the children of Chayah how to live off of the land as so many of the Ugandan people do. Some of the negative impact of a children’s home can be that the children become overly dependent on those caring for them, rather than learning how to live as the rest of their country does. The intent for the land is to counteract this potential downside by providing opportunities for the children to learn all the necessary skills that they will need for life in Uganda.

This small dream has grown to include a church and a Primary School. While not being used as a church, that building will be used to host such events as business classes, community meetings, concerts, and much more. The Primary School will include both Chayah children and children from the local community, allowing an opportunity for the gospel to be shared within an everyday context. The Primary school will focus on a classical education, giving Ugandan children tools of logic, rhetoric, and problem solving.

Additionally, the homes for the children and their caretakers will be small buildings, never exceeding 15 children per building. The goal is that each building would emulate and truly become a home, not just an institution that takes care of the children’s physical needs, but a place where each child will find spiritual guidance, emotional support, and a family to laugh, cry, and grow alongside.

BUILDING HOPE is Chayah Ministries’ effort to raise the necessary capital to allow this dream to become a reality. We have already seen God do amazing things in providing for the land itself and for its first phase of development. We trust and believe that He will provide all that is needed and we are excited to see Him work!

Your Support is Valuable.

Chayah Children's Home relies upon incredible support from generous donors like you. By supporting "Building Hope", you are directly blessing the lives of the children and investing in their future.