Anna has recently been orphaned along with her 3 siblings. Her mother tragically died from AIDs and TB. Chayah is her temporary safe haven and home until further notice from our social worker. We will gladly love and care for her as long as she is ours. 8 year-old Anna has insisted on snuggling into the “little girls” dorm room. Chayah’s own Jesca at age 14, so naturally gifted to care for younger children, has quickly taken to care for Anna and vice versa. It appears to be Anna’s very first year of school and she is not the least bit interested in having a teacher boss her. Perhaps her resistance is part grief, a new environment and a stiff pair of black school shoes. She seems to love the home and family part of her new life. Embracing the structure, she participates comfortably with the rest during morning and evening meals and bible study times. Please pray for Anna, that she is encouraged at school and wants to try. So many changes in such a short time and so much loss for such a young child. We are praising God that she has tested HIV, negative.


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