Diana came to Chayah Children’s Home in the spring of 2021.  At 12 years old, she was found “vending” on the streets of Jinja town.  Abandoned by her mother, she was left in the care of a step-father and sent each day to sell vegetables and fruit from a basket atop her head.  The day-in and day-out pressure to bring home some money from the day’s efforts can lead a vulnerable young girl into all sorts of harmful situations.  Our director spotted this timid child and intervened.  She is behind in school, but determined to catch up and her English is quickly becoming proficient helping with communication within her new family at Chayah.  Uganda is a country of tribal languages numbering in the 100’s so at Chayah, English is universal.   She is still settling in with her new sisters and brothers, but God is working and she seems comfortable, feels safe and has begun learning how much God loves her.


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